About me

I’m a NYC-based web developer with experience with Ruby on Rails, JavaScript and React/Redux. I took my first programming class in high school and loved the problem solving. After graduating from Baruch College, I worked as an accountant building Excel templates and leveraging formulas to make the business more efficient.

I recently attended App Academy, an immersive, rigorous web development school. With the skills I’ve learned there and picked up on my own, I’m able to build full stack applications and curate satisfying user experiences. What I am looking for now is an opportunity to develop my skill set and work with a company tackling interesting technical challenges.



BetterGoat is a note taking and organizational app inspired by EverNote. BetterGoat is built with Ruby on Rails, Postgres, React.js, and Redux architecture



Mover is a lightweight MVC framework written in Ruby. By booting up a Rack server, Mover is able to receive http requests and respond with a http view template directed by the router.


Hero Break is a browser game written in ES6 syntax JavaScript and inspired by Brick Breaker. The elements of the game are rendered using canvas and HTML5.

News Junkies

NewsJunkies is a mobile News application that serves curated content to users using the Cognik API. News Junkie is built using React Native and firebase. NewsJunkies is available for demo using expo app through the App Store or Google Play with EXPO url at https://exp.host/@roycejh/NewsJunkie


  • JavaScript

  • Ruby

  • Rails

  • React

  • Redux

  • Git

  • CSS3

  • PostgreSQL

  • JQuery

  • HTML5

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